How To Obtain Your Free Credit Score


You can actually obtain your free credit score very easily. Why would you want to? Because knowing your credit score is important knowledge that will greatly benefit your chances of obtaining new credit. The purpose of this article is to give you the necessary information you need in which to quickly obtain your free credit score gov.

The vast majority of credit applications these days are not in fact determined by a human somewhere in a faceless organization. Worse, in fact, as it is quite likely that your credit application will be assess by evaluating your credit score against a required credit score level. If your credit score meets or exceeds that level your credit application will be successful, if not then your application will be rejected.

It may well be therefore that you should pause before making that new credit application and give some thought as to whether you should establish in advance that important credit score. The problem is how do you get hold of your credit score. Well, you can obtain your credit score free by pursuing one or the other of the following routes.

As a simple first suggestion just ask a current debt provider to supply you with your current credit score. This may seem like it is stating the obvious but the withholding of this information from you is unnecessary and therefore it is quite likely that your debt provider will supply you with your credit score without much prompting. You may just have to ask.

The next way to get hold of your credit score for free would be to take advantage of one of the offers made by companies on the web. They are relatively easy to find on the web. All you really have to do is to use Google to search for free credit score and you will quickly see that there are many such offers available and free of charge.

Providing personal information to the company making the free credit score offer will be the price you pay. These arrangements are tempters to get you to sign up for their subscription service, hoping you will fail to cancel it once you have obtained your credit score. Of course if you are careful and remember to cancel you should not have any further problems.

The impact your credit score has on future credit applications should not be overlooked. So it really is good advice to try to discover exactly what your credit score actually is prior to making any further credit applications. Hopefully you will therefore find this information useful when attempting to establish your credit score. Remember you can get your credit score free.

James England is a credit expert and has produced a valuable free resource for your benefit in the field of credit repair. If you like the idea of getting your credit score without cost why not check it out.

How To Check Your Credit Score For Free

In this week’s Money Minute with Mina episode find out the 3 ways to check your score for absolutely FREE!!
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Knowing How The Fair Credit Reporting Act Can Help You

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has been produced to guard the actual rights of shoppers. Are you mindful of the particular conditions and terms of the FCRA? Understanding your privileges as well as limitations will help you prevent bad credit or even improve your personal credit. In this informative article, let’s take a close look at some of these conditions and terms.

Free Annual Credit Report

Under the FCRA, all consumers are entitled to obtain one free of charge credit report through each credit reporting agency annually. The 3 main credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion) has set up an official website in which consumers may request for their own free annual credit report. You can get all your 3 reports simultaneously or order a single copy at a time throughout the year.

To obtain your own free of charge report, go to or even print out the Annual Credit Report Request Service form in the FTC’s website ( and send out it via post mail to Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281. You may also request by means of phone through calling this toll-free number, 1-877-322-8228.

You’ll be asked to provide personal information such as your name, address, Social Security Number, as well as date of birth. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that you are on the official website whenever seeking for the free online credit report. Instead of clicking on a link, our recommendation is that you manually type the particular URL ( in the address bar of your browser.

Take note that is the only website authorized by the government to distribute free of charge consumer credit reports. You may run into some other websites that provide free credit reports but these sites could be owned by unscrupulous lenders or identity thieves who’re attempting to victimize people.

Free Credit Reports

There are also other circumstances in which entitle consumers to a free credit report. For example, if you think you’ve been a victim of identity theft, or maybe if you have been denied by a creditor on account of your credit history, you are able to request for a totally free report. You also can ask for your totally free credit report if you’re jobless and also intends to look for a job within the next 60 days.

The Right to Dispute

Based on the FCRA, consumers have the right to dispute errors and also not authorized fees in their credit reports. You may also request the particular bureau to remove obsolete information from your file especially when they’re derogatory. Examples of negative remarks which should not really stay in your file for more than seven years are usually bankruptcy, tax liens and court judgments.

If you discovered errors in your credit report, you can send a credit dispute letter to the bureau which released the report. In your letter, you should clearly identify those items in your document which needs to be remedied. In applicable, include copies of documents to support your claim.

The Right to Free or Affordable Credit Repair Service

Under the law, the legitimate credit repair agency must supply a customer with a copy of the “Consumer Credit File Rights under State and Federal Law” before signing an agreement. This document stipulates the consumer’s rights and responsibilities to ensure that you will not be scammed or perhaps ripped-off by deceptive credit repair agencies.

Suzy Vanstrusen is a credit analyst and a writer of the website and has been providing consumers with tips and tricks in credit repair . Check the site to help you out with your bad credit loans .

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Nice Disagreement Credit score Report pictures

Some cool dispute credit report images:

Rosetta Stone at the British Museum
dispute credit report
Image by Chris Devers
Pasting from the Wikipedia page on the Rosetta Stone:


The Rosetta Stone is an Ancient Egyptian artifact which was instrumental in advancing modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. The stone is a Ptolemaic era stele with carved text made up of three translations of a single passage: two in Egyptian language scripts (hieroglyphic and Demotic) and one in classical Greek. It was created in 196 BC, discovered by the French in 1799 at Rosetta, and transported to England in 1802. Once in Europe, it contributed greatly to the deciphering of the principles of hieroglyph writing, through the work of the British scientist Thomas Young and the French scholar Jean-François Champollion. Comparative translation of the stone assisted in understanding many previously undecipherable examples of hieroglyphic writing. The text on the stone is a decree from Ptolemy V, describing the repeal of various taxes and instructions to erect statues in temples. Two Egyptian-Greek multilingual steles predated Ptolemy V’s Rosetta Stone: Ptolemy III‘s Decree of Canopus, 239 BC, and Ptolemy IV‘s Decree of Memphis, ca 218 BC.

The Rosetta Stone is 114.4 centimetres (45.0 in) high at its highest point, 72.3 centimetres (28.5 in) wide, and 27.9 centimetres (11.0 in) thick.[1] It is unfinished on its sides and reverse. Weighing approximately 760 kilograms (1,700 lb), it was originally thought to be granite or basalt but is currently described as granodiorite of a dark grey-pinkish colour.[2] The stone has been on public display at The British Museum since 1802.


1 History of the Rosetta Stone
•• 1.1 Modern-era discovery
•• 1.2 Translation
•• 1.3 Recent history
2 Inscription
3 Idiomatic use
4 See also
5 Notes
6 References
7 External links

History of the Rosetta Stone

Modern-era discovery

In preparation for Napoleon‘s 1798 campaign in Egypt, the French brought with them 167 scientists, scholars and archaeologists known as the ‘savants’. French Army engineer Lieutenant Pierre-François Bouchard discovered the stone sometime in mid-July 1799, first official mention of the find being made after the 25th in the meeting of the savants’ Institut d’Égypte in Cairo. It was spotted in the foundations of an old wall, during renovations to Fort Julien near the Egyptian port city of Rashid (Rosetta) and sent down to the Institute headquarters in Cairo. After Napoleon returned to France shortly after the discovery, the savants remained behind with French troops which held off British and Ottoman attacks for a further 18 months. In March 1801, the British landed at Aboukir Bay and scholars carried the Stone from Cairo to Alexandria alongside the troops of Jacques-Francois Menou who marched north to meet the enemy; defeated in battle, Menou and the remnant of his army fled to fortified Alexandria where they were surrounded and immediately placed under siege, the stone now inside the city. Overwhelmed by invading Ottoman troops later reinforced by the British, the remaining French in Cairo capitulated on June 22, and Menou admitted defeat in Alexandria on August 30.[3]

After the surrender, a dispute arose over the fate of French archaeological and scientific discoveries in Egypt. Menou refused to hand them over, claiming they belonged to the Institute. British General John Hely-Hutchinson, 2nd Earl of Donoughmore, refused to relieve the city until de Menou gave in. Newly arrived scholars Edward Daniel Clarke and William Richard Hamilton agreed to check the collections in Alexandria and found many artifacts that the French had not revealed.[citation needed]

When Hutchinson claimed all materials were property of the British Crown, a French scholar, Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, said to Clarke and Hamilton that they would rather burn all their discoveries — referring ominously to the destruction of the Library of Alexandria — than turn them over. Clarke and Hamilton pleaded their case and Hutchinson finally agreed that items such as biology specimens would be the scholars’ private property. But Menou regarded the stone as his private property and hid it.[4]

How exactly the Stone came to British hands is disputed. Colonel Tomkyns Hilgrove Turner, who escorted the stone to Britain, claimed later that he had personally seized it from Menou and carried it away on a gun carriage. In his much more detailed account however, Clarke stated that a French ‘officer and member of the Institute’ had taken him, his student John Cripps, and Hamilton secretly into the back-streets of Alexandria, revealing the stone among Menou’s baggage, hidden under protective carpets. According to Clarke this savant feared for the stone’s safety should any French soldiers see it. Hutchinson was informed at once, and the stone taken away, possibly by Turner and his gun-carriage. French scholars departed later with only imprints and plaster casts of the stone.[5]

Turner brought the stone to Britain aboard the captured French frigate HMS Egyptienne landing in February 1802. On March 11, it was presented to the Society of Antiquaries of London and Stephen Weston played a major role in the early translation. Later it was taken to the British Museum, where it remains to this day. Inscriptions painted in white on the artifact state "Captured in Egypt by the British Army in 1801" on the left side and "Presented by King George III" on the right.


Experts inspecting the Rosetta Stone during the International Congress of Orientalists of 1874

In 1814, Briton Thomas Young finished translating the enchorial (demotic) text, and began work on the hieroglyphic script but he did not succeed in translating them. From 1822 to 1824 the French scholar, philologist, and orientalist Jean-François Champollion greatly expanded on this work and is credited as the principal translator of the Rosetta Stone. Champollion could read both Greek and Coptic, and figured out what the seven Demotic signs in Coptic were. By looking at how these signs were used in Coptic, he worked out what they meant. Then he traced the Demotic signs back to hieroglyphic signs. By working out what some hieroglyphs stood for, he transliterated the text from the Demotic (or older Coptic) and Greek to the hieroglyphs by first translating Greek names which were originally in Greek, then working towards ancient names that had never been written in any other language. Champollion then created an alphabet to decipher the remaining text.[6]

In 1858, the Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania published the first complete English translation of the Rosetta Stone as accomplished by three of its undergraduate members: Charles R Hale, S Huntington Jones, and Henry Morton.[7]

Recent history

The Rosetta Stone has been exhibited almost continuously in the British Museum since 1802. Toward the end of World War I, in 1917, the Museum was concerned about heavy bombing in London and moved the Rosetta Stone to safety along with other portable objects of value. The Stone spent the next two years in a station on the Postal Tube Railway 50 feet below the ground at Holborn.

The Stone left the British Museum again in October 1972 to be displayed for one month at the Louvre Museum on the 150th anniversary of the decipherment of hieroglyphic writing with the famous Lettre à M. Dacier of Jean-François Champollion.

In July 2003, Egypt requested the return of the Rosetta Stone. Dr. Zahi Hawass, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Cairo, told the press: "If the British want to be remembered, if they want to restore their reputation, they should volunteer to return the Rosetta Stone because it is the icon of our Egyptian identity". In 2005, Hawass was negotiating for a three-month loan, with the eventual goal of a permanent return.[8][9] In November 2005, the British Museum sent him a replica of the stone.[10] In December 2009 Hawass said that he would drop his claim for the return of the Rosetta Stone if the British Museum loaned the stone to Egypt for three months.[11]

In essence, the Rosetta Stone is a tax amnesty given to the temple priests of the day, restoring the tax privileges they had traditionally enjoyed from more ancient times. Some scholars speculate that several copies of the Rosetta Stone must exist, as yet undiscovered, since this proclamation must have been made at many temples. The complete Greek portion, translated into English,[12] is about 1600–1700 words in length, and is about 20 paragraphs long (average of 80 words per paragraph):

n the reign of the new king who was Lord of the diadems, great in glory, the stabilizer of Egypt, but also pious in matters relating to the gods, superior to his adversaries, rectifier of the life of men, Lord of the thirty-year periods like Hephaestus the Great, King like the Sun, the Great King of the Upper and Lower Lands, offspring of the Parent-loving gods, whom Hephaestus has approved, to whom the Sun has given victory, living image of Zeus, Son of the Sun, Ptolemy the ever-living, beloved by Ptah;

In the ninth year, when Aëtus, son of Aëtus, was priest of Alexander and of the Savior gods and the Brother gods and the Benefactor gods and the Parent-loving gods and the god Manifest and Gracious; Pyrrha, the daughter of Philinius, being athlophorus for Bernice Euergetis; Areia, the daughter of Diogenes, being canephorus for Arsinoë Philadelphus; Irene, the daughter of Ptolemy, being priestess of Arsinoë Philopator: on the fourth of the month Xanicus, or according to the Egyptians the eighteenth of Mecheir.

THE DECREE: The high priests and prophets, and those who enter the inner shrine in order to robe the gods, and those who wear the hawk’s wing, and the sacred scribes, and all the other priests who have assembled at Memphis before the king, from the various temples throughout the country, for the feast of his receiving the kingdom, even that of Ptolemy the ever-living, beloved by Ptah, the god Manifest and Gracious, which he received from his Father, being assembled in the temple in Memphis this day, declared: Since King Ptolemy, the ever-living, beloved by Ptah, the god Manifest and Gracious, the son of King Ptolemy and Queen Arsinoë, the Parent-loving gods, has done many benefactions to the temples and to those who dwell in them, and also to all those subject to his rule, being from the beginning a god born of a god and a goddess—like Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, who came to the help of his Father Osiris; being benevolently disposed toward the gods, has concentrated to the temples revenues both of silver and of grain, and has generously undergone many expenses in order to lead Egypt to prosperity and to establish the temples… the gods have rewarded him with health, victory, power, and all other good things, his sovereignty to continue to him and his children forever.[13]

Idiomatic use

The term Rosetta Stone came to be used by philologists to describe any bilingual text with whose help a hitherto unknown language and/or script could be deciphered. For example, the bilingual coins of the Indo-Greeks (Obverse in Greek, reverse in Pali, using the Kharo??hi script), which enabled James Prinsep (1799–1840) to decipher the latter.

Later on, the term gained a wider frequency, also outside the field of linguistics, and has become idiomatic as something that is a critical key to the process of decryption or translation of a difficult encoding of information:

"The Rosetta Stone of immunology"[14] and "Arabidopsis, the Rosetta Stone of flowering time (fossils)".[15] An algorithm for predicting protein structure from sequence is named Rosetta@home. In molecular biology, a series of "Rosetta" bacterial cell lines have been developed that contain a number of tRNA genes that are rare in E. coli but common in other organisms, enabling the efficient translation of DNA from those organisms in E. coli.

"Rosetta" is an online language translation tool to help localisation of software, developed and maintained by Canonical as part of the Launchpad project.

"Rosetta" is the name of a "lightweight dynamic translator" distributed for Mac OS X by Apple. Rosetta enables applications compiled for PowerPC processor to run on Apple systems using x86 processor.

Rosetta Stone is a brand of language learning software published by Rosetta Stone Ltd., headquartered in Arlington, VA, USA.

The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers to develop a contemporary version of the historic Rosetta Stone to last from 2000 to 12,000 AD. Its goal is a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1,500 languages.

Rosetta Stone was also a pseudonym used by Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) for the book "Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo"

See also

Rosetta (disambiguation)
Behistun Inscription
Decree of Canopus, stele no. 1 of the 3-stele series


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3 Free Credit Reports From the 3 Bureaus

All details about your identification and financial behavior are contained in your credit report. The 3 basic heads are – Public record information, Credit information and Personal information. It is from this information that your credit rating is done. However, more importantly, credit reports help you to manage your finances better, and you also know that if you are being cheated, you can get redress.

A sample of the Experian credit report is as follows:
– Report Number – this is to contact Experian online
– Index – to navigate through your report
– Potentially negative items – includes creditor’s name and address, your account number, account status, overdue child support, bankruptcy, and unpaid tax
– Status – indicates the current status of the account, your credit limit, balance, and loan amount & payment pattern. If you think there is a discrepancy, you could contact them immediately to start the rectification.
– Accounts in good standing – list of accounts which have positive status
– Type – whether your account is a revolving or an installment account
– Request for credit history – either by you, or by those with whom you have transactions
– Personal information – where you give your name, addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers, date of birth, current and previous employers
The TransUnion credit report would feature:
– Personal information
– Employment information
– Geo code – indicating your Geo status
– Report Summary – this would include all transactions, monthly payments, loan instalments, and payment, as well as the balance of accounts
– Scorecard – this would give the score and the reasons for that score
– Collections – this would show all dealings with creditors, and the balance of accounts
– Public records – which would include assets and liabilities
– Trade lines – would show credit limits, and payments of all transactions
– Inquiries – which include insurance, personal finance statements, records of credit card and travel/entertainment
The Equifax credit report would show:
– Personal information
– Public records and other information
– Collection items which may include a customer statement

All 3 credit reports are easily accessible. TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian all monitor the reports on a daily basis. They all offer 24/7 customer care support, and give up to $ 20,000 identity theft coverage insurance. They also offer an Interactive Score Simulator which can help you with best financial practices to improve your credit score. You can also acquire a consumer credit report which features all 3 agencies. This will guarantee that all the information that you have on your credit report is authentic.

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Net closing in on missing Stein Bagger millions…
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Image by Podknox
Money trail leads to three bank accounts in the US

In collaboration with the FBI, the Danish police has tracked down a large portion of the estimated 220 million kroner that Stein Bagger, along with his Swedish accomplice Mikael Ljungman, embezzled from his company IT Factory, according to a report in financial daily Børsen.

The FBI and a Danish special task force have followed the trail of a sum amounting to 162 million kroner that was transferred to Ljungman’s Swedish company Xiop, and then divided between three accounts: two US-based firms, Ecommerce LLC and Media Power, both of which Ljungman owns together with the already-convicted Swede Carl Freer; and a secret account with a US credit card set up under the name Lord Mikael Ljungman.

Police have been looking for the embezzled money for 18 months, and according to Børsen, they have reportedly applied to Lyngby Court for a seizure warrant to acquire the cash from all three accounts.

Copenhagan Post Online’s story here…

Hunt for Stein Bagger’s missing millions resumes…

Article copy in case it gets deleted like the about article:

As defrauder Stein Bagger once again tries to establish himself in the business world from behind bars, the pursuit for the missing millions he stole begins anew

Stein Bagger, or Steen Bach as he now likes to be called, has begun an internship which has renewed the hunt for the missing IT Factory millions (Photo: Scanpix)
The search for the missing 200 million kroner in the case of disgraced businessman Stein Bagger, has been renewed after new information has surfaced in connection with an internship Bagger is doing from behind bars.

Boris Frederiksen, the man in charge of locating the missing funds, had initially begun the hunt in early 2010, but he was forced to halt the search in October 2011 after the money trail went cold.

Bagger was an acclaimed CEO of the company IT Factory before disappearing on 27 November 2008 while on a trip to Dubai with his wife and business partners. A few days later, it emerged that IT Factory’s revenue had been falsely inflated as part of a plan to defraud banks and investors for over 1.2 billion kroner, the biggest case of it’s kind in Denmark for decades.

IT Factory was declared bankrupt and a warrant was issued for Bragger’s arrest. Bagger fled Dubai for New York, were he hired a car and drove to Los Angeles, turning himself in to police authorities on December 6.

The 45-year-old Bagger is currently serving a seven-year sentence for his actions but seems to be trying to make a comeback of sorts. Adopting the name Steen Bach, Bagger is taking a business degree at Copenhagen Business School from behind bars and has been allowed by the prison service to take part in an internship programme in a moving and storage company.

The company, called, is led by Rene Andersen, who is one of Bagger’s acquaintances, and is shrouded in mystery, especially when it comes to the 3.2 million kroner in the company that comes from the off-shore firm Niva Trading LTD.

It is on this background that Frederiksen has decided to renew his search for the missing 200 million kroner and to see if Bagger’s latest move is a ploy to launder the money.

“The question that I and everyone else have when they look into the story is of course whether this is a plot to somehow lead some of the hidden funds overseas back into the country,” Frederiksen told Børsen newspaper.

But regardless of the hunt for the missing money, it is clear that Bagger will never be allowed to be in an influential position in a company ever again.

“Stein Bagger’s right to be a founder, CEO or board member with limited responsibility in a company or an association which demands special public approval or a fund, has been suspended indefinitely according to the criminal law § 79,” his sentence read.

Bagger rejected the notion that he has anything to do with Niva Trading Ltd

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