2014 – San Diego – Hillcrest – Look Ma, No Spokes!

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2014 – San Diego – Hillcrest – Look Ma, No Spokes!
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Image by Ted’s photos – For Me & You
Many cities provide unique bicycle parking stalls. San Diego has several of this version tailored to the neighbourhood they are placed in. These ones in Hillcrest district are painted in the Rainbow Flag colours paying homage to the neighbourhood Gay and Lesbian businesses and residents.

Public bicycle tools added to Hillcrest bike corral.

By Dave Rice, November 9, 2012

The bicycle corral installed at the corner of 5th Avenue and University in Hillcrest this week added a perk for users of the dedicated parking area and the community in general, BikeSD.org reports.

The Uptown Community Parking District recently completed the installation of a Dero Fixit station, a public mini-workshop containing a bike stand and all of the tools needed for basic bike maintenance, which are tethered to the station using stainless steel cables. Listed retail on the complete outfit is 0, and BikeSD notes that another of the devices installed at a nearby Whole Foods location has been popular with the community.

Civic San Diego has announced plans to improve bicycle parking downtown, including the creation of several more bike corrals.

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Image by Thomas Hawk