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Just came back from my Trip to Uganda, the seminar itself went rather well, but was a strenuous journey where several points went incorrect,
Started with my glasses obtaining scractched intially not to bad however they just kept obtaining even worse and also even worse till in the end they were unusuable,
Am using some temp analysis glasses that althought not perfect enable me to obtain on here and capture up
after that on about day 3 of the trip my laptop computer crashed with about 600 shots on it, that I only had there, hopefully I could recover those, so switched from shotting RAW to JPG and also have regarding 600 strange I brought back on the cam and will begin slowly overcoming.

And also to add to troubles on the journey my bank card information got caught somewhere and also two chargeds of a few grand each wwere tried to be placed on it, luckily the financial institution caught iit and also blocked the card, so apart from not having a charge card on the trip it wasnt to negative

This is the very first among them, taken at the Speke Hotel where we had the conference, a stunning area, which hopefully a few of my shots will certainly do justice to

Will slowly be catching up with all your articles

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