Winter Nap

Some cool bad credit credit card photos:

Winter Nap
bad credit charge card
Image by Duchess Flux
**UPDATE: Blog fixed:

Obviously i’ve a negative plug-in on a single of my blog sites and has now taken my host down again. While I work on racking your brains on which weblog and what plugin (omg!)…. I will upload this picture right here and will include my web log website link later on. Pleased Holidays every person!!!

For the time being i shall place the credits here:

TOP & ANTLERS: Jolly vacations Gift from Blueberry ~ Available at Jolly Holidays event with Linden Lab
SKIRT: Luxe Package December Skirts by Blueberry
HAIR: F1124 {hud B}by Tram
SKIN: Opal by the Skinnery ~ offered by Tannenbaum {November 25 to December 25}
HEAD: Tumble by CATWA
SOCKS: Gothic Mid Socks because of the Mystic ~ Available at Shiny Poor {Dec 20 to January 15}
GEAR: Gothic Harness legbelt by The Mystic ~ Available at Shiny Poor {Dec 20 to January 15}
POSE: Animal Family {Soft Spot} by le Poppycock ~ Available at The Liaison Collaborative {Dec 7 to Dec 30}

GizzA – XMAS French Bulldog ~ Gift ~
Forest Friend Rabbits by Fawny ~ offered at Fantasy Collective
{e}lusive Book Tree, Crate of Books, Fireplace, Light String w/Cards and Candles ~ Available at The Liaison Collaborative {Dec 7 to Dec 30}
Pets are from Le Poppycocks poses
Trompe L’oeuil – Noelle Cottage. ~ offered by Collabor88 {December 8 to December 31}

Crazy Colours
bad credit credit card
Image by Boogies with Fish
I need to redecorate this destination, refurbish it. It is at risk of getting bland. I’m getting fed up with theme posts therefore the exact same ol’ exact same ol’. We want even more variety and humour, like in the old days. A breath of fresh air will likely to be . . . uh, . . . energizing. I’ven’t yet thought about how I could easily get some variety into Madang – Ples Bilong Mi.  I’ll have to cogitate thereon for some time.

Still, I do know just what triggered my thinking about change. It’s not everything you might think. It has to do with going my wallet from my straight back pocket to my front pocket.

Yesterday, on city marketplace, I became the target of an attempted burglary. It is not as dramatic as it is noises. It’s, but becoming a far also common event in Madang. No matter what much we love the spot, we have to accept that also Paradise isn’t protected to any and every sort of decay. The decay of safety, experiencing safe within one’s living space, happens to be shocking.

When I was making the gate associated with market, we felt a disruption within my private aura space. However experienced an abrupt violation of my very private physical space as clumsy fingers experimented with slip to the back pocket of my ancient Levi-Strauss 501 cut-offs. Fortunately, there have been a good amount of individuals around (not that that will help much). Therefore, once the very first try were unsuccessful, there clearly was no violent second go at the wallet. Which is when things get nasty. The clumsy thief beat a hasty retreat back in the market followed by my nasty responses with regards to his personal hygiene.

Breathing a sigh of relief, we gone back to my vehicle and sat indeed there for one minute of peaceful appreciation that I didn’t need to replace my different driver’s licenses, identification and charge cards. When I sat truth be told there I made the decision it absolutely was time, disregarding comfort, to go my wallet forever from my straight back pocket towards front.

Reading right back over that, I realize a couple of things. Initially, we realize just how small good sense it creates. Then, we realise exactly how difficult it is in order to connect an attempted mugging to my sudden have to add spice to MPBM. Because you can have collected, i am causeing this to be up when I go.

Now that I have squandered anywhere near this much of your energy, you may possibly as well stick around just a little longer for main course of blather.

As I was looking for some amusing images from about forty that We have arranged for posts, I happened to be struggling to find some that fit together in every interesting way – somehow that i’ven’t currently worked to death. A few stuck down like sore thumbs. Some greens, reds and magenta hues started screaming together, me personally, me personally, myself, myself. Well, how could you disregard that? So, mixing all of them up only a little (shaken, perhaps not stirred), we begin with Green Coral Imperfection:

There was some interesting detail within chance. You might like to click to expand it. We particularly just like the one structure which sticks up above all regarding the sleep. It becomes that spot that the eyes merely cannot steer clear of. The remainder becomes an adverse room which even more directs the eyes to that single distinction, that imperfection.

Changing from green to purple, here’s an image of the embers left from lunch at Blueblood last Sunday afternoon:

I confess to a childish desire for fire. Offered some time and an opportunity, i will stay by a fire much the same as a ten-year-old son, poking sticks and putting things in to the flames simply to see just what takes place. These visceral responses to fire appear primordial. As a natural trend, we suppose fire reaches once the most readily useful plus the most dangerous associated with the procedures that humans have-been in a position to use. Perhaps this is the reason it keeps these types of sway over our feelings. Fire is most likely the most comforting as well as the most terrifying force of nature.

When I saw this fern at Blueblood, standing alone on its lifeless tree-fern pedestal, the afternoon sun was lighting it like a neon sign:

It looks to me like a big green rose.

Combining the tints up only a little, we have right here an outstanding Anemone web hosting two Pink Anemonefish (Amphiprion perideraion):

It really is a tasty combination.

Eventually, i’d like to explain to you this beautiful magenta-stained individual Coral (Fungia fungites).  They’re also known as Mushroom Coral:

If only that I understood what can cause this colour. I have not had the oppertunity to get a reference for it. Behind it and in front side tend to be three other types of coral. The white and green blobs to the left and below are a species of ocean squirt.

The muse appears strangely mute this evening. I’ve guaranteed myself that i will try to avoid setting up in the sleep today until I’m all set to fall asleep. I am reading about bad sleep habits lately, assured of finding a thing that can help myself. Relaxing at night in sleep where you sleep is reckoned becoming a tremendously bad habit. That’s a hardcore one for me personally to correct. I’ll have to consider moving several things around. I hate that. I like for items to stay the way they are. I’ll really need to get always alter.

Therefore, it seems that the things I were left with listed here is still another theme post.

Oh, well.