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2015 – Vancouver – Split Ends
bad credit
Image by Ted’s photos – For Me & You
View of the Georgia, Dunsmuir and Skytrain viaducts seen from Columbia Street in downtown Vancouver. The split pieces are the east end legs that drop to grade – one at Main Street and the other at Gore Avenue.

Debate rages at present about whether to tear the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts down. Good or bad idea depends on ones vested interest.

The first Georgia Street Viaduct was built between 1913 and 1915. The narrow structure included streetcar tracks that were never used. At one point, every second lamppost was removed to reduce weight. It was replaced in 1972 by the current viaduct, which is structurally separated and contains three lanes for each direction of traffic.

The Georgia Viaduct was envisioned in the early 1970s as forming part of an extensive freeway system for Vancouver. However, communities were opposed to the idea of demolishing structures to build the freeway system and the plan was scrapped. The freeways would have required demolishing buildings in neighborhoods including Strathcona, the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown. A predominantly African community called Hogan’s Alley was bulldozed in building the viaduct.

In 1985 a third viaduct was added for SkyTrain.

City planning and engineering staff have worked with urban designers, and transportation and structural engineering consultants to reimagine the viaducts land.
The concept proposes to:
-Remove the viaducts structures.
-Reconfigure the road network at ground level.
-Allow for more park land and mixed-use development.
-Maintain key transportation routes to and from downtown for people and goods

The Viaducts today:

As the lone piece of freeway infrastructure surrounded by an urban street network, the viaducts will never operate to their designed capacity. With capacity to carry upwards of 1,800 vehicles per lane per hour, the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts carry only 750 vehicles per lane per hour during their busiest hours: less than half of their designed capacity.
Permission to use photo.
28 April 2015

The Georgia Straight


Split Ends Photo

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Big Bad Ben
bad credit
Image by Stephen Tierney.
Westminster and Big Ben from a Visit to the Capital. Should have been on the Photowalk with Trey Ratcliff, but I had managed to lose them all by this stage. No mean feat considering the number of togs he had following him round!

Explored 16/02/2015 #443

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Der Himmel über Berlin or Fall of the Wall 2
bad credit
Image by Collin Key
1987, two years before the fall of the Berlin wall, Wim Wenders shot his enchanting road movie ‘Der Himmel über Berlin’ (Sky over Berlin, though the English title was ‘Wings of Desire’). It is about depressive angels helplessly struggling to help people in a depressed city until one of them feels the desire to become human himself…

Wenders later told that he had envisaged the angels to live upon the Brandenburger Tor which, however, was then part of the eastern part of town just behind the Berlin wall.

I will translate a passage of that interview as it recalls the follies of those days so vividly:

"I went to the East German ‘Minister of Film’, Horst Pehnert… [to ask for permission].
He said: ‘Fine, let me read the script.’
Bad start: ‘I have no script.’
‘Well, what is it to be then, a documentary?’
‘Nope’ i said, ‘fiction. Main characters are angels.’
He looked at me speechless but then realized the catch. ‘They are invisible. Thus they can roam freely wherever they want?’
‘True’, i said, ‘they know no walls.’
‘Not even THE wall?’ he hit the point.
‘Exactly’ i replied. ‘And that’s why i’m here. I want to shoot at the Brandenburger Tor.’ It was my dream that they’d live upon that gate.
The minister laughed full ten minutes before he clearly stated: ‘Anything even remotely related to THE wall makes it absolutely unthinkable that we will help you in any ways with this project.’

In fact the movie did have some shots from East Berlin though. They were taken by an eastern cameraman whose name was never disclosed in the credits. They smuggled the film rolls hidden in an old VW across the checkpoints.

25 years later my sky over Berlin is much brighter than that of the movie; though angels i did not see in it. Just look for yourself…