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Nesting nelly 001
buy house
Image by Ani-Bee
With a child to arrive 4 months, we [er, I] have now been a
"nesting nelly" recently. We have been buying such a thing we
figure we will not be able to afford, or will not wish spend
cash on, once our small baby is here & sucking
up all of our money 😉

Meaning the living room has gotten a renovation [again]
& even though there’s still adjusting to-be done [I want to decorate
a sizable filigree design inside empty space throughout the sofa &
various smaller pieces should be switched around or added
once we drive out the extra room & essentially re-arrange the
whole home] I really like just how cozy & comfy things look &
Everyone loves hanging out inside 🙂

I took these photographs when you look at the mid-morning, so even though it might
look awesome bright down, it had been really quite dreary…I experienced to
compromise & live aided by the whole grain for good pictures :/

brand new sectional
buy house
Image by Zhao Shouren
Eventually purchased some new furnishings when it comes to home.

Peas on parade
buy residence
Image by rarewren
Pea flowers just take center phase in dining area, which implores, "Buy me personally!"