8X-309 Preserved London Transport TD130 (JXC 323) a Leyland Tiger PS1 with Mann Egerton B30F bodywork at Sheffield Park

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8X-309 Preserved London Transport TD130 (JXC 323) a Leyland Tiger PS1 with Mann Egerton B30F bodywork at Sheffield Park
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Image by Hectate1
Scan of a print taken in the 1980s: By coincidence two uploads of preserved buses at heritage railways. In the first TD130 is at the Bluebell railway. Built in 1949, TD130 is one of the TD32-131 batch of Mann Egerton bodied Leyland Tiger PS1s delivered during 1948-49 and initially operated out of Hanwell, Edgware, Enfield, Hornchurch, Kingston, Muswell Hill, Leyton, Harrow Weald and in the case of TD130 Tottenham. The class were all withdrawn by 1962 although some were exported for further use in Ceylon. Four survived into preservation, including TD130, which I think is currently stored in Bristol.
In the same year as TD130 was built the prototype AEC Regal IV (UMP 227), the first under floor engined bus, took to the road. In May 1950 the prototype entered service on loan to London Transport, allocated initially to St. Albans garage and then to Reigate garage. From these evaluations, London Transport ordered 700 chassis but with Metropolitan Cammell bodies which became the RF class and replaced, inter alia, the TDs.

Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic 1936
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Image by tautaudu02
Moteur 8 cylindres en ligne à compresseur, 2 arbres à cames en tête
Carrosserie Bugatti en aluminium riveté
Un des quatre exemplaires fabriqués
Vendue neuve à M.Rothschild en septembre 1936, elle était peinte en gris bleu métallisé, intérieur cuir bleu telle qu’elle est présentée.
Gagnante du concours d’Elégance de Pebble Beach en 2003.

The exquisite Bugatti was delivered to Lord Victor Rothschild in England on September 2, 1936. Three years later, in 1939, Mr Rothschild had the Bugatti factory install a Roots supercharger from a Type 55 engine, upgrading the model to a Type 57 SC. Having blown up the engine, he nevertheless kept the car in storage in England until 1941, when he sold it to his countryman Mr T.P.Tunnard Moore. Mr Moore and Robert Arbuthnot, a sometime racer at Brooklands, were partners at High Speed Motors of London. At some point, Mr Moore sold the car to Arbuthnot, who in turn sold it in to Rodney Clarke of Continental Cars Ltd. in 1944. A year later, Mr Clarke sold the Type 57 SC to Mr Robert Oliver, a wealthy American doing duty in France as a member of the US Army Medical Corps. In August 1946, Mr Oliver had 57374 shipped to the United States, where he received it in New York and proceeded to drive it home to Los Angeles. In 1953, Mr Oliver shipped the car back to the Bugatti factory, where its engine was completely rebuilt and the correct Type 57 SC supercharger and hydraulic brakes were installed. Following Mr Oliver’s passing the Atlantic was sold in 1971 through public auction to Dr Peter Williamson who paid an unpresidented .000. Following refurbishment, the car was shown at Pebble Beach in 2003 and won "Best in Show". In 2010 the Williamson family sold the Atlantic to a buyer from whom the car is graciously on loan.

Chassis n°57374
Production : 1st of 4 produced
Engine n°2S
Inline eight-cylinder engine
170 Bhp at 5500 rpm
3257 cc supercharged
Double overhead camshafts
4-speed manual gearbox
Solid front axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs and telescopic shocks
Live rear axle with reversed quarter-elliptical leaf springs and telescopic shock absorbers
4-wheel hydraulically-operated drum brakes

Another Thames Travel Transfer
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Image by wirewiping
Thames Travel and Carousel Buses (of High Wycombe) were purchased by Go-Ahead in May 2011 and March 2012 respectively, and there has been considerable movement of vehicles between the two fleets.

521 is a VDL-bus SB120 with Wright Cadet body that was new to Carousel Buses in 2004. It has now been repainted white and given Thames Travel fleetnames, although apparently it is only on loan; it remains a Carousel vehicle and has retained the cherished CB54 BUS registration it has carried since new. It is seen in Market Place, Reading, with the 16.35 route 144 departure to Wokingham on Wednesday 10th April.