Nice Car Loan photos

Some cool car loan images:

loan car
car loan
Image by ndrwfgg
My 320d is at last getting its new headlight today. This is the loan car – a new Mini Cooper. Pin-sharp handling, engine a considerable improvement over the old model, seats grippy and comfy, rest of interior a bit kitsch. Enormous fun – but I shall be happy to have my own car back.

car loan
Image by eastleighbusman
seen 28/01/15 on Above Bar Southampton, on loan still to Bluestar

Ipswich Buses (Metroline) – LTZ1100 – Ipswich – 25 November 2013 (16)
car loan
Image by Steven’s Transport Photos
TFL/Metroline LT100 (LTZ1100) is on loan to Ipswich Buses for a week long period and will be used on route 38 Free Shuttle.