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Net closing in on missing Stein Bagger millions…
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Image by Podknox
Money trail leads to three bank accounts in the US

In collaboration with the FBI, the Danish police has tracked down a large portion of the estimated 220 million kroner that Stein Bagger, along with his Swedish accomplice Mikael Ljungman, embezzled from his company IT Factory, according to a report in financial daily Børsen.

The FBI and a Danish special task force have followed the trail of a sum amounting to 162 million kroner that was transferred to Ljungman’s Swedish company Xiop, and then divided between three accounts: two US-based firms, Ecommerce LLC and Media Power, both of which Ljungman owns together with the already-convicted Swede Carl Freer; and a secret account with a US credit card set up under the name Lord Mikael Ljungman.

Police have been looking for the embezzled money for 18 months, and according to Børsen, they have reportedly applied to Lyngby Court for a seizure warrant to acquire the cash from all three accounts.

Copenhagan Post Online’s story here…

Hunt for Stein Bagger’s missing millions resumes…

Article copy in case it gets deleted like the about article:

As defrauder Stein Bagger once again tries to establish himself in the business world from behind bars, the pursuit for the missing millions he stole begins anew

Stein Bagger, or Steen Bach as he now likes to be called, has begun an internship which has renewed the hunt for the missing IT Factory millions (Photo: Scanpix)
The search for the missing 200 million kroner in the case of disgraced businessman Stein Bagger, has been renewed after new information has surfaced in connection with an internship Bagger is doing from behind bars.

Boris Frederiksen, the man in charge of locating the missing funds, had initially begun the hunt in early 2010, but he was forced to halt the search in October 2011 after the money trail went cold.

Bagger was an acclaimed CEO of the company IT Factory before disappearing on 27 November 2008 while on a trip to Dubai with his wife and business partners. A few days later, it emerged that IT Factory’s revenue had been falsely inflated as part of a plan to defraud banks and investors for over 1.2 billion kroner, the biggest case of it’s kind in Denmark for decades.

IT Factory was declared bankrupt and a warrant was issued for Bragger’s arrest. Bagger fled Dubai for New York, were he hired a car and drove to Los Angeles, turning himself in to police authorities on December 6.

The 45-year-old Bagger is currently serving a seven-year sentence for his actions but seems to be trying to make a comeback of sorts. Adopting the name Steen Bach, Bagger is taking a business degree at Copenhagen Business School from behind bars and has been allowed by the prison service to take part in an internship programme in a moving and storage company.

The company, called, is led by Rene Andersen, who is one of Bagger’s acquaintances, and is shrouded in mystery, especially when it comes to the 3.2 million kroner in the company that comes from the off-shore firm Niva Trading LTD.

It is on this background that Frederiksen has decided to renew his search for the missing 200 million kroner and to see if Bagger’s latest move is a ploy to launder the money.

“The question that I and everyone else have when they look into the story is of course whether this is a plot to somehow lead some of the hidden funds overseas back into the country,” Frederiksen told Børsen newspaper.

But regardless of the hunt for the missing money, it is clear that Bagger will never be allowed to be in an influential position in a company ever again.

“Stein Bagger’s right to be a founder, CEO or board member with limited responsibility in a company or an association which demands special public approval or a fund, has been suspended indefinitely according to the criminal law § 79,” his sentence read.

Bagger rejected the notion that he has anything to do with Niva Trading Ltd

Crime Online Western Union Credit Card Form
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Image by mike_hcg

Nice Credit Card Fraud photos

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Automated Postal Center and new Priority Mail box display
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Image by Aranami
The automated postal center is a custom-made platform by Wincor-Nixdorf based on one of their indoor ATM designs (a version of which can often be seen as a Chase ATM inside certain Target stores). It has an online internet-based connection that, according to the guy servicing it, interacts with postal systems in Washington D.C. through a secure connection.

The scale on the left was custom made just for the Post Office. It can support up to 200lbs, is accurate to a fraction of an ounce and is legal for trade. The scale is the big metal square on the left, there are also ruler markings embossed onto the metal edging on the platform.

There are three thermal label printers on the bottom. The leftmost slot dispenses package labels, these are the common 4"x6" vertical labels you see with the address and confirmation barcodes. The one labeled "forms" in the middle dispenses a combined Return Receipt and Certified Mail labels; the same label prints if you buy any of these services, and it has instructions on how to tear off and apply only the one’s you’ve paid for. Both of these print from rolls.

The "postage" slot underneath the screen dispenses 18-stamp "ATM stamp" panes of Forever Stamps. It can also dispense other denominations of stamps as IBI-stamps on tiny slips of sticker paper that are about 1.5" by 3". The IBI (Information Based Indicia) stamps have an DataMatrix barcode similar to the ones seen on the 4"x6" labels and on postage meters, however, these stamps can be used at any time.

Like PC postage stamps, APC stamps identify packages from a "known mailer" and may be used to mail items over 13 ounces without taking the package to a retail counter. This is because the APC takes your photo and only accepts credit/debit cards.

The camera is the black square under the screen in the center of the APC, and captures a still image when you reach the payment options screen. These images are retained for an unknown amount of time (the postal employee said he didn’t know how long) to deter fraud and prohibited materials. The APC also has software that measures the image and will not let you proceed to the payment screen if the image is too dark or the camera is not functional. So if you want to anonymously mail a bunch of fireworks and illegal drugs with your boss’s credit card, you’re out of luck.

Available services include:
Sending Domestic mail at most retail rates, including Package Services, First Class, Priority and Express, as long as it fits in the special chute at the right
Sending International mail for envelopes containing documents and correspondence only
Delivery Confirmation, Insured Mail, Certified Mail, Return receipt (electronic and physical)
Calculating rates for any package you are allowed to send with the APC
Sending packages with partial postage already on it (minimum purchase .00)
Buying sheets of 18 Forever stamps
Buying variable-denominated IBI postage stamps (minimum total .00)
Renew PO Box

Postal services that the APC does NOT provide:
Signature Confirmation (why?) – you may purchase a similar Return Receipt Electronic service only with Certified Mail or Insurance Over 0
International packages
Registered Mail
PO Box Application (available on the web, present ID to pick up keys)
Money Orders, DineroSeguro or any other financial services
Any packages that do not fit completed in the chute

Note: APC doesn’t take cash. There is a minimum purchase for credit card transactions.

No one remembers the real victims of Identity Theft and Credit Fraud: the cards.
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Image by jcolman

The Truth About The best ways to Shield Yourself Against Credit score Card Fraud

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by eyewashdesign: A. Golden Using bank card today has

become extra common compared to ever. Most stores, dining establishments as well as gasoline station currently choose to utilize them. They are a hassle-free alternative to cash money. Nonetheless, although there are many advantages to utilizing a credit report card, there is a threat connected to it, mostly scams. Scams is specified as an act of unapproved use of an individual’s identity or account in order to get personal gain.Today, fraud has actually ended up being extra common as a result of the expansion

of modern technology in regards to tracking accounts, identification stealing, and malicious use individual details. Here, debt card fraud enters place. The card holder should be extra conscious of the threat of incorrect usage of bank card. Every transaction has a capacity for fraud.You can shield yourself versus charge card scams by making use of these tips.Every card customer need to

recognize these important safety and security tips:1)Maintain your credit score card in a refuge.
2)This is one of the most fundamental rule; credit cards need to only be utilized by the card proprietor.3) Always keep an eye on your transactions; examine and compare the details. This will protect versus unapproved transactions.4) Do not reveal any individual info on sites, unless there is protection validation.5 )Always remember your card protection PIN #
, passwords, or response to the security inquiry essential to access the charge card account. This will certainly safeguard you against people having accessibility to your composed

, personal, account details.6)Make certain that you never ever offer your card number to anybody, even member of the family or friends.7)Keep an eye out, particularly at shops. This is to shield yourself, and stop a sales person from copying your card details.8) Maintain every one of your credit history card receipts and also billings. It is necessary to keep records of all your deals.9) Before authorizing the invoice on your bank card purchase, constantly dual check the details.10 )Constantly educate your bank card business concerning changes in your account, such as payment address, contact number and so on. It is necessary to inform the credit card firm on changes that you have actually made, to stay clear of any type of various other individual from understanding your individual account information.It is essential to have an observing eye when it comes to your bank card. Its vital to be follow all your deals. By keeping in mind the simple tips above, your bank card transactions will certainly be safer, dependable and scams cost-free. Ruth Esther is an affiliate online marketer. She runs an effective online organisation. You can acquire low passion credit report cards as well as cards that can benefit you, by going to my site,

How can charge card fraudulence affect your credit rating?

Have you or perhaps is somebody you realize ever before already been a target of credit card fraud? Just what were some of the effects you’d to deal with after the unfortunate event? Wish you knew more about this particular crime?

bank card fraudulence is one of the most typical and simplest kinds of identification theft. In essence, this happens when someone uses with your credit card information. Most often, fraudsters uses your information to fund their particular restaurant or resort bills, get food or make on the web expenditures.

Interestingly, this kind of fraudulence also can take place when your pre-approved credit card provides get into not the right hands–fraudsters require simply to get these from your mailbox or rubbish and send them in with an alteration of target demand and start spending. Somebody who has actually use of your personal identifying information, as well as your social safety quantity, birthdate and work tax ID can even make an application for credit cards using your name when they want to.

most of the time, sufferers for this form of plan don’t realize someone’s been misusing their information until credit card companies start demanding for repayments, when your credit rating affected.

how exactly it affects your credit score

Needless to say, your credit rating is a critical piece of information. It really is a vital to showing up like a financially responsible individual into the eyes of loan providers alongside businesses. Like most other styles of ID theft, charge card fraudulence can adversely influence credit score.

Here are some techniques bank card fraudsters’ activities may cause adverse effects on your credit rating:

1. Credit inspections. Every time someone applies for a charge card within title, credit card companies will likely view your credit report. You will need to understand that credit inspections made by companies appear on your credit history and results in your credit score going straight down by several points.

2. Unpaid bank cards. It isn’t uncommon understanding that the majority of identification thieves–as oppose to taking your card–would choose to apply for credit cards using your information. Think about this: do you know the possibilities that fraudster, after getting the new card, will make any work to pay for the total amount he used? Naturally, the effects for their actions fall on the arms. Each and every time four weeks of non-payment passes, your credit rating goes plunges.

The danger of shopping online

Online shopping fraud is one of the most common forms of credit card fraudulence as making acquisitions online cannot frequently require PIN numbers. For a long time today, authorities and finance institutions have already been trying to find methods to prevent charge card fraudulence while shopping on line, but to little avail.

For many banks and credit card issuers, the online version of bank card fraud isn’t any unlike its equivalent inside real world. This is the reason many credit card providers these days are choosing to put security measures in position to safeguard both their clients and themselves, including charge card notifications and “Verified by Visa” solution.


Fraudsters are receiving increasingly more imaginative in terms of finding new techniques to get their on the job the data they have to do their particular dirty work. Today as part of your, defense is vital. What you will get from credit defense is the peace of mind that somebody nowadays is wanting out for your straight back.

Amy is a working writer who’s fond of revealing interesting finance connected articles to encourage individuals handle and protect their finances. She in addition addresses topics on why should we monitor credit frequently and just how credit tracking assists.

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Stolen trick
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< img alt="bank card fraudulence"src=""size="400"/ > Photo by Edd Dumbill I wish you appreciate your trip from Kazakhstan to Düsseldorf. And also your London congestion charge. Just what a life you have!

Charge card Scams
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< img alt="credit scores card fraud"src =""width ="400"/ > Picture by skibler