Cool Customer Fraud images

Some cool customer fraud images:

Linens-n-Things Fraud
customer fraudulence
Image by ATIS547
close-up of item and bill

UPDATE: Reaction from Linens-N-Things:
With respect to Linens ‘n Things, I apologize regarding behavior you discovered unprofessional or miscommunication you may have experienced. But our supervisors are well versed within advertisements therefore the interpretations of these. Once more, I apologize for inconvenience. Sincerely,
Jody Mege’

I’d answer Jody the problem isn’t convenience, it is fraud. Deceptive marketing and advertising isn’t inconvenient, it really is immoral and unlawful.

This looks like fraudulence: At 4:30pm February 17, 2008, in Rohnert Park, CA, the Linens-n-Things supervisor — "Max" — reported within cash register your 50percent off bargain couldn’t connect with my "Shower "Curtain / Liner" since the "Shower Essentials" known in advertisement together with store signs was the BRAND "Shower Essentials," and not simply any bath crucial. Maximum followed me returning to the shower section, and ended up being obligated to concur that there have been no "Shower Essentials" branded products in the shop. Since the marketing and advertising circular pictured right here claims that we could "Choose from over 100 types," it absolutely was clear also to maximum the offer had not been therefore restricted.

Then maximum changed his story, and stated the 50% discount could be available only for a "shower curtain liner" that was the actual text regarding shop indication, or, if you were to think the advertising circular pictured right here, a "Liner." My item was known as, as you can see above, a "Shower Curtain / Liner".

I inquired Max if he honestly implied that my "Shower Curtain / Liner" was not a "Shower Curtain Liner"? He stated that is right. Therefore I pointed to another rack up, which had an equivalent item labeled as a "Shower Curtain or Liner" — ended up being that, too, excluded from the offer for "Shower Curtain Liners"? Maximum verified that discount could not connect with that item. Both "Shower Curtain / Liner" therefore the "Shower Curtain or Liner" had been actually within ins of this indication offering a price reduction on "Shower Curtain Liners."

Max will never i’d like to take a photograph of this signs and services and products in juxtaposition. Indeed, he threatened to really have the police escort me from the store easily took a photograph. And so I asked whether maximum would sign a statement asserting their position that I was ineligible to get the guaranteed discount because a "Shower Curtain / Liner" is not a "Shower Curtain Liner" or a "Liner." Maximum refused. I asked Max if he would tell me his last name. Max declined.

Well, you can see from shop receipt pictured here that maximum and Linens-N-Things got the whole .99 regarding my wallet, and kept on their own the rebate promised by the advertising as well as the store sign. You-know-what’s truly unusual? I also asked on register if the 20percent rebate had been offered — it’s pictured into the flyer above, merely to the remaining for the 50percent offer. It states, "SAVE 20percent — whole Stock steel Bath Acessries & Shower Curtains." Nope, stated the cashier, that 20per cent discount actually available to you — it’s only for shower curtains, and everything you have actually is a liner.

Unusual but real. Therefore, exactly what do we have right here?
A) Worst customer care ever?
B) Worst in-store knowledge previously?
C) Fraud?
D) Theft?
E) Violation of Ca Deceptive Trade Methods Act?
F) all the overhead.

Its typically unlawful to help make untrue or misleading statements of-fact regarding the reasons for, presence of, or levels of price reductions.

It appears to be bad for Linens-n-Things, and for Max. We’ve about two matters against each. Here’s what California Business and Professions Code says, and I also quote:

"17508. (a) It shall be unlawful for person doing business in Ca and advertising to customers in Ca to help make any false or deceptive advertising claim…"

"17500. Its unlawful…to… disseminate…any advertising unit… that will be untrue or deceptive, or even for any person…to so make…any such statement within a strategy or scheme aided by the intention never to offer that individual property…so marketed at price stated…. Any infraction of this terms for this area is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment inside county prison perhaps not surpassing 6 months, or by an excellent not surpassing two thousand five-hundred dollars (,500), or by both that imprisonment and good."

"§ 17507. Its unlawful…if any cost set forth in (an advertisement) does not clearly and conspicuously identify the content of product or kind of service to which it relates."

Comprehensive text regarding the flyer pictured above:
"buy one, get one 50percent down. Entire Inventory Shower Essentials, reg. .99-69.99. Select from over 100 styles of:
* Liners
* Rods
* Tub Mats
* Suction
* Rings
* Shower Caddies"

"Save 20percent whole Stock Metal Bath Accessorites & Shower Curtains"

Imagine just who got an Openspace several days before “The Announcement” ?
consumer fraudulence
Image by Connie Arida
Ahh well..I’m having fun getting a fresh place together 🙂
From Freaky Dreamscape:
I think there is certainly one method to get Linden Labs attention. Please keep reposting this, to make certain that many will discover it:
Linden Labs is A Ca Company. This kind of action does come under the California Attorney General’s Juristiction because might be considered Consumer Fraud, in accordance with my lawyer.
If a lot of us contact the California lawyer General, they’re going to research. This is actually the email address the Attorney General’s workplace:
Attorney General’s Workplace
California Division of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Container 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
(916) 322-3360

I recommend calling them AND writing all of them. Please keep consitently the after in mind once you do:
1. Their office is in the exact same time area as Linden laboratories, they’ve been available from 9:00 am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.
2. feel polite. Bear in mind, they have been only a well known fact enthusiast plus they are always on the side for the customer.
3. Be obvious and have a talking program. Most likely, the person you speak to, will likely not know anything about 2nd Life, so expect you’ll demonstrably clarify just how 2nd Life works and just why you believe their particular activities is unlawful and immoral.
4. Know Linden Laboratories Contact Information:
Linden Labs, 945 Power Street, Bay Area, CA 94111
5. cannot worry retialation from Second Life in any way. In California that could be a criminal act. They could maybe not suspend cancel your account, or act in every unpleasant way against you for attempting to exersize your protection under the law.

All the best every person.

Illinois Secretary of State Police Chevrolet Impala
consumer fraud
Image by *hajee
The Secretary of State Police of Illinois is a statewide police force, established in 1913; it is accountable for enforcing the guidelines of Illinois Vehicle Code particularly regulating organizations a part of the purchase of motor vehicles and automobile components. Its main function is protect customers against fraudulence through adherence to mention statutes.

The Secretary of State Police additionally investigates identity theft, keeps statewide vehicle evaluation channels, investigates statewide vehicle thefts, provides statewide school coach legislation, enforces traffic and parking violations and provides police force to all or any Secretary of State facilities.

The Secretary of State Police in addition maintains the Illinois State Capitol police which will be on the Illinois State Capitol Complex in Springfield. Their objective would be to offer full police solutions to safeguard the possessions of State beneath the jurisdiction associated with the Office of the Secretary of State.