A Chilling Development

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A Chilling Development
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Image by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – PNNL
Beating the heat might come to be a little simpler, through a unique material developed at PNNL that provides outstanding refrigerant capacity and large thermal conductivity. The book product shows promise for a lot of advanced chiller applications, including air cooling in buildings, U.S. Navy vessels and vehicles, as well as for power generation. The little structure is a metal organic framework—or MOF—overlaid on a porous carbon material making use of an original strategy manufactured by PNNL. Even though the material development was initially financed through PNNL’s Laboratory Directed Research and Development program, additional development and synthetic solutions to scale up manufacturing and enhance overall performance are now being sustained by the U.S. Navy Military Sealift Command and DOE’s Geothermal Technologies workplace.

Research Team: Radha Kishan Motkuri, Jagannadha Bontha, Rama Sesha Vemuri and Pete McGrail (PNNL).

This picture was captured by Shuttha Shutthanandan with a Helium Ion Microscope at EMSL, environmentally friendly Molecular Sciences Laboratory, a DOE national individual center at PNNL.

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