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Church item of sadness
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church item of sadness, drowning in the church of materialism, without any Noah in view. Untie the connection of consistency that strangles your really existence, it is however a plain pet dog collar of slavery. Go to function, send your kids to school, follow style, act regular, walk on the sidewalk, view T.V obtain persuaded by the prejudiced media, conserve for your old age, follow the regulation. Repeat after me: I AM FREE!?? Run around in circles in your hampster wheel, getting stuff you never needed to thrill people you never cared about, accumulating rate of interest on your charge card, the rate of interest they utilize to chain you down right into working even more to pay off your financial debts. Human enslavement, requires you to be housed as well as fed by your master, financial enslavement requires you to feed and house on your own, as well as their primary weapon currently is the RATES OF INTEREST used by financial institutions, to get leverage on you by immersing you right into even more financial debt thus making you work even more to repay it, obsession to do anything is enslavement! We belong to divine spirituality that unifies all humans and also all nations, We do not come from the church of Mcdonalds, Gucci, Morgan stanley, Rockefeller, various banks and various other forms of arbitrary separation within our zeitgeist. A lot of individuals live somebody elses life, their thoughts someone elses point of view, their lives a mimicry, their enthusiasms a quotation. Do exactly what you desire to do today due to the fact that you intend to do it( aslong as it does not damage any person else), be who you intend to be today! Fantasize huge, as well as never stop following them! Be various! Do not adapt! Do not adhere to the various other sheep! Since it is by no indicates an indicator of sanity to be well adapted to the greatly ill globe we reside in today. Spread the message, because none are more hopelessly enslaved than those that falsely believe they are free