Nice Equifax photos

Check out these equifax images:

Image by giulia.forsythe
But on the bright side, we’ve generated ,416,380 for Equifax!

Background math:
.85 x 583,000 people = ,416,380.00

"Yes, Ms. Forsythe. You are one of the 583,000"


Recommended actions given by the HRDC 1-800 customer service rep were to contact Equifax and alert them that my personal information (name, social insurance number, address, loan amount) has been lost.

Upon calling Equifax, after getting extensive telemarketing promotional jibber jabber the service rep indicated that the least expensive option to flag your account is .85. There are monthly ‘identity alert’ options that range up to .95 PER MONTH.

Yes, you can get a FREE credit report, if you MAIL or FAX a form in with your name, social insurance number along with a photocopy of two pieces of ID (seems highly secure, right?)

I am notoriously frugal and I have tried this option to get my credit report, but they REJECTED my file because they felt my driver’s licence ID photocopy was not CLEAR enough. I ended up just paying the .95 online.

But that’s not really the point, a credit report/score only gives you a snapshot AT THAT MOMENT. It will indicate if there has been nefarious activity, but ONLY AFTER it has happened, which IMO is too late. So you only get ONE free report per year, and I’ve yet to successfully navigate this free option, and more importantly, a report does not add one iota of extra security.

Needless to say, I payed the six bucks. What this provides, from what the service rep indicates is that whenever anyone, including me, applies for any credit, it will require an additional level of security, which means they will have to phone me to confirm I requested said application. After I paid and asked for a receipt of exactly what I just paid for the rep said, you’ll see an entry on your credit card and "I just told you what it covers". So ridiculous.

Heather Ross was clever enough to realize that this is probably part of Canada’s Economic Action plan so I went to their website*, and what do you know….she’s right.

{*disclaimer: this is photoshopped}