The great the bad and the unsightly

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The nice the bad and also the unsightly
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Image by Moyan_Brenn
The great, the bad while the ugly…..modern version!!

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Coles Beach
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Image by Kuyan Redman
Nikon D50, ISO 200, 3, f/10, 18-55mm @26mm / Re – Edited Edition

Got some comments from my very first edit for this chance, some body thought to me personally that i will reveal the sky a bit more. Just what exactly I decided to do, was to do another edit on this to discover exactly what improvements i possibly could do in order to it. Well it turns out so it arrived on the scene good. Should you want to look at first edit used to do. Check the page,

Additionally another improvement that I’ve done, that i’m going to be performing to all my shots from now on, will be export all of them in .Tiff in addition to .Jpeg, Because of this you will see increased detail and will be viewed entirely display screen without the distortion. The good news is Flickr allows .Tiff data unlike other picture sharing web sites.

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Soon i’m going to be doing blog sites on pictures that I upload to Flickr, This will be a link to your blog site that’ll be to my web site whenever web site is back online, That way I’m able to express in great information the things I did on that time and give you my applying for grants the thing I fancy in regards to the picture. I hope enjoy this picture and if you want to, give me personally your thoughts back at my photos by making a comment or by clicking on the favorites switch. Thank-you for reading and revel in! 😀

– Kuyan Redman