Cool Mortgage images

Some cool home loan images:

Mr. Material Pinkwashes His Mortgage Loan
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Image by Marc-Anthony Macon
メーコン (Meikon), 2013

The ladies of Akbarpura
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Image by lecercle
The women of the town of Akbarpur in Alwar District Rajasthan are included in novel scheme – the ladies in image have actually created a self-help microfinancing group in order to have a better say inside welfare of there community. They satisfy every fortnight and gather money from all of their particular users by which they offer aside little loans – for a fresh buffallo or a water-punp or even for some medical assistance. In the 24 months the 30 or women with this small village in the Alwar – Jaipur highway features a corpus of over 200,000 ruppees.

The following is them meeting using one these types of fortnightly conference in just one of their particular member’s house