Credit Card Debt Calculators: The Importance of a Low APR

We are always told lower APRs (Annual Percentage Rates) are better, but how drastic can the effect be. How much can a higher APR actually cost you? And how much more time will it take you to pay off a debt? Credit card debt calculators can be useful in many different ways. In this Smart With Your Money Video tip we will show what effects lower APRs will have on the time it will take to pay off debt and the amount paid in finance charges. For more visit
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Lowest Apr Credit Card – Lowest Apr Credit Card

Should you be someone who uses credit cards frequently and quite often carries a balance, qualifying for a low APR credit card offer can help you save significant amounts of money each month together with over the life of ones card.

For those with less than perfect credit, finding offers such as these which is why they will qualify can possibly be elusive, as they are often reserved only for those with the most pristine credit history. However, with a little work and careful setting up, you may find that you happen to be, in fact, entitled to these kinds of savings.

Before you begin posting applications, always request a copy of one’s credit report from the three reporting agencies. This will assist two purposes. First, it will provide you with a picture of what your credit rating is, which will allow you to submit applications only reserved for those cards that you are likely to qualify for.
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