British STYLE-Winter-help the aged?see txt.

Some cool pay off bank card photos:

UNITED KINGDOM STYLE-Winter-help the old?see txt.
pay off bank card
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About it period of the 12 months, older taxpayers will once more be receiving
another ‘Winter Fuel’ payment. This might be without a doubt a really interesting
programme, and I also’ll describe it simply by using a Q & a format:

Q. what’s a ‘cold temperatures Fuel’ payment ?

A. it really is money your government will be sending to taxpayers

Q. Where will the government fully grasp this money ?

A. From taxpayers

Q. So that the federal government is offering myself back my own money ?

A. just a smidgen from it

Q. what’s the intent behind this repayment ?

A. the master plan is actually for you to use the cash purchasing fuel and
electrical energy……….or a high-definition TV set, hence revitalizing the
economic climate
Q. But isn’t that stimulating the economic climate of China ?

A. shut-up. Below is some helpful advice about how to best help the U.K.
Economic climate by investing your ‘Winter Fuel’ cheque wisely:

* If you spend money at Asda or Tesco, the funds is certainly going to
Gibraltar , Ireland & Luxemburg

*If you spend it on Amazon your hard earned money goes Lichtenstein
*If spent it on ebay finances will go Ireland

* in the event that you spend it on petrol finances will go to your Arabs
* If you buy some type of computer it’s going to go to India , Taiwan or Asia

* If you purchase fruit and veggies it will head to Kenya , Spain , or
* in the event that you invest it in your corner “Asian mini-mart” no taxation are going to be
paid, it is used in drug deals and finally are going to be communicated to
Pakistan in a sizable suitcase.

* If you spend it on “cheap” cigs it will probably end up in Romania or

* in the event that you give it to Oxfam 20percent only will go abroad and 80% will continue to be
in the hands associated with administrators, that will invest it on fact finding
missions to Cayman Islands, Thailand & Mauritius ..

* If you buy a simple yet effective car it will probably check-out Japan or Korea

* in the event that you buy a deluxe automobile it will probably visit Asia or Germany

* If you pay-off your bank cards or get stocks, it will probably check-out
administration incentives and they’re going to conceal it overseas

Alternatively, keep consitently the money in the united kingdom by:

1. Spending it at vehicle boot product sales
2. likely to golf clubs
3. Spending it on telephone call women
4. Buying cider, alcohol or scotch
5. getting a Tattoo
6. going to a bookie (they’re the sole UK businesses however running
in U.K. )


Go to every night club with a tattooed call woman which you met at a vehicle
boot sale and drink beer all the time and night ! It’s the patriotic
thing to do. Need not thank me…just pleased I could be of assistance.


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