You Might Have Won This Round…

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You Might Have Won This Round…
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No you did not…

I’ven’t compensated a parking pass in Chicago since 1986.

We understood this day would come.

I had some business at airport.

Where City was awaiting me.

It absolutely was a freakin’ pitfall I swear to gahd.

That parking garage ended up being laden up with automobiles that were booted.

Gave me an ‘ominous’ feelin’ simply seein’ it.

In movies i do believe they call that ‘foreboding’ or something like that.

We knew the gig was up.

I was caught with my jeans down and treated to only a little ‘municipal morning love’ courtesy of the City of Chicago.

A particular kind of ‘Chicago-Love’ in the event that you will.

I happened to be dreading exactly what that one was going to cost myself when I walked toward convenient ‘revenue cashier’ positioned correct next to the parking garage at airport.

We whipped aside my bank card and told ‘the man’ that I happened to be caught and today it had been time for you ‘pay the piper.’

You can’t get mad about these specific things you know?

I deserved it.

You ‘do the crime’ you gotta ‘pay the good’ or something like that like this.

One thousand bucks and change.

Definitely not the manner in which you wanna begin your day.

I asked the person what number of seats they’d me on.

‘Nine’ he said.

‘Suckas’ we stated when I paid the bill.

‘How far right back do they go’ I asked him.

‘To 2001’ he said while he read from their computer screen.

Three automobiles straight back.

However the passes i obtained between 1986 and 2001… fifteen many years well worth… the ‘juvenile’ many years…

the years i truly allow ’em stack up…

guy stated they don’t really occur anymore.

Man… I thought I happened to be in for 3 to 5 grand.

He asked me basically desired to make a ‘payment program.’

‘I couldn’t pay the seats… I’m certain I won’t conform to the payment plan’ I stated ‘just do myself now.’

We made certain that i acquired a receipt that said I was all paid up.

The point thatis only perhaps not fair toward ‘Everyday Joe’ is the fact that being a ‘corporation’ and basically that my entire life is all business…

I can write this shit off…

because of ‘Luminous Flying Helgramite Industries’…

shell out the dough with ‘pre-tax bucks’ and essentially get a price reduction of 50 %.

It is a price of accomplishing business.

Like whenever I get arrested for example of my organization cars not having its emissions test done.

Although it’s already been unregistered and sitting inside junkyard for five years after getting wrecked.

I have got nothing to complain about.

I must say I only hope why these individuals never find yourself running medical care.

Then visiting the physician will experience just like gonna ensure you get your motorists license renewed.

And after you have stitched up or whatever…

you will hobble out to the parking lot for which you’ll discover a boot in your automobile.

It’s all-just ‘a system.’

It’s My Variety Of Town

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Golden Gate tolls all-electronic March 27 2013
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In under 3 months, Golden Gate Bridge cost collectors will end. On March 27, the bridge becomes 1st within the state plus one for the first-in the nation to collect all tolls electronically.

Commuters as well as others whom cross the landmark span frequently may either use FasTrak – as about 70 percent associated with connection’s people currently do – or establish license plate accounts linked with a bank-account or bank card.

Motorists whom merely zip through will get a charge – maybe not a citation – after cost digital cameras capture their particular license plates. FasTrak people get a discount off the toll all other car motorists pay.