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No chance, no exactly how, no bailout.
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No method, no exactly how, no bailout.

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I’m phoning my congresswomen and informing all of them i really do maybe not help this bail-out. I’m an authorized Democrat, but i believe here is the uncommon problem that really crosses the party line. There are numerous factors we oppose the bailout, and I’ll strike them one-by-one.

1) It benefits the bad stars whom got united states to the mess in the first place.
Very first, individuals which purchased homes which they knew they might not afford. Second, the lenders who made these bad loans without caring in regards to the possibility that they cannot be repaid. Third, the insurers whom bribed the federal government never to call credit standard swaps (CDS’s or mortgage insurance coverage) insurance coverage, hence relieving them for the obligation to keep cash readily available in the event they had to pay for the from the insurance policy.

2) the us government will definitely overpay because of this financial obligation.
The issue is two-fold today: these loans can be worth somewhere between

not enough money is the basis of most bad – George Bernard Shaw
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Image by Artist in performing nothing.
A lot of folks spend cash they haven’t acquired, to buy things they don’t want, to wow people they don’t like. – Will Rogers

www.google.com: Images of Will Most Likely Rogers

Russian general reveals truth about 9/11. ( … and about Dollar, Osama Bin Laden, … , Rothschild … )

Maier Amschel Rothschild stated:
"Permit me to issue and get a handle on the cash of a nation and I also worry maybe not who writes its laws"

Thomas Jefferson stated:
"I think that financial institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies."

Albert Einstein stated:
"Compound interest could be the eighth question of this world"

Read more on www.reformation.org/federal-reserve.html

Excerpt from www.reformation.org/federal-reserve.html

John D. Rockefeller had been the founder of the "Federal" Reserve Bank. He was a normal usurer. Letting people perform some work and reaping the advantages. It really is a shame the pious hypocrite NEVER heard a sermon on usury when he attended the Euclid St. Baptist Church every Sunday.

Even though the "Federal" Reserve Bank gets the name FEDERAL on it’s subject, it offers no reference to the Federal Government except that it HAS the us government….

The President of U.S. and Secretary of this Treasury cannot take a seat on its board!! The Chairman is appointed for a time period of 14 many years. The President does appoint him but that is only a formality due to the fact Fed can simply destroy an uncooperative President by causing a recession or depression.

The way the "Bank" of Rome Creates "Federal" Reserve Dollars off absolutely nothing!!

Proudly built in America for produced in the us and alike. Organic-, bio-, eco- friendly; vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher. Packed in recycled and recyclable undulated cardboard box. Metro- and eco- intimate. Mesmerizing and addicting, desirable, vanishing, evaporating, eluding; printing and reprinting, copy / pasting. Virtualizing.

Eastern Currency Facility.
For more information go to

Check this out:
10 Items That Every United States Ought To Know Towards Federal Reserve

The American Dream – Understanding cash in addition to bank operating system
Knowing the economic crisis – very well description!
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Douglas Adams
The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

Orbiting this [small unregarded yellowish sunlight] well away of approximately ninety-two million kilometers is an utterly insignificant bit blue-green world whose ape-descended life types are so incredibly ancient that they nonetheless believe digital watches tend to be a fairly neat idea.

This world has actually – or rather had – a challenge, which was this: most of the people onto it had been unsatisfied for almost of that time period. Numerous solutions had been recommended for this issue, but most of the were mainly focused on the motions of small green bits of report, which is odd because on the whole it wasn’t the tiny green items of report that have been unhappy.

And so the issue remained; most of the individuals were mean, and a lot of of these had been unhappy, even ones with digital watches.

Many were increasingly of this viewpoint they’d all made a huge blunder in coming down from woods to begin with. And some said that even trees was in fact a negative move, which no one should ever before have left the oceans.

… and bookworms: /* head to www.amazon.com */:

Editorial Reviews
Writeup on Nikolay Gogol’s Dead Souls

"Gogol was an unusual animal, however genius is often strange." (Vladimir Nabokov)

Book Description

Chichikov, a mysterious complete stranger, shows up when you look at the provincial city of ‘N’, seeing a succession of landowners and making each a strange provide. He proposes to purchase the names of dead serfs nevertheless signed up on census, conserving their particular owners from spending income tax on them, and also to make use of these ‘souls’ as security to re-invent himself as a gentleman. Within ebullient work of art, Gogol developed a grotesque gallery of real human types, from bear-like Sobakevich towards insubstantial fool Manilov, and, above all, the devilish con guy Chichikov. Dead Souls, Russia’s very first significant novel, the most unusual works of nineteenth-century fiction and a devastating satire on personal hypocrisy.

And please do remember, THEY OWN YOUR ASS!

Be happy!

.30 and

Driver Trainer Program
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Image by spelio
Myself, Phil Edye, and Robert Mitchell, proudly stand before mostly of the Holdens loaned by the local Hornsby Holden Dealership, for our bi weekly Driver knowledge program.

We were going to be tracked by Dr. Ian Henderson?? associated with UNSW driver safety unit for decades. I’m still alive, with a major accident free record, aside from one small dingle from a spin-out on the Jenolan dust roadway on a later caving trip in Mum’s Standard.
www.flickr.com/photos/spelio/4654064075/ and a clean authorities record!!

We were taught there are no specific things like "accidents"..

Be inside right equipment during the correct place at correct speed in the correct time! RMLAID

See also "Car Driving as an Art" by SCH Davis for the Autocar. and
"Roadcraft" the authorities Drivers’ Manual" by HM fixed Office
both provided for me by Eric T. Izard for "Highest marks for Driver Education Theory"
I must not have been of the same quality on practical, they did not teach quickly driving on winding mountain dust roads to Jenolan Caves!!

However got a Beetle and learnt exactly about oversteer on gravel roadways, on many caving trips around NSW and WA.

An article I cut out through the Canberra Times of 6-3-85
Driving Tip regarding the Few Days

a protective motorist is one who pushes in a manner to prevent accidents, irrespective of various other drivers’ faulty driving or non-compliance with traffic laws and regulations; person who is careful not to ever dedicate any operating mistakes himself and makes creates allowances for the not enough skill or judgement, or even for a poor attitude on the part of another motorist, the one that cannot allow dangers of weather condition, roadway circumstances, lack of indications or indicators to include him in a collision or dangerous circumstance.
a protective driver is ready for unanticipated at intersections, from parked cars, in which reversing, sudden stops by other people or darting pedestrians. He is not caught for the reason that last-second futile attempt to stay away from an accident. He’s got a plan for their own yet others’ security. This plan of action requires the ever-changing situations faced on the highway.
He learns to conquer individual inadequacies and the ones regarding the car. He studies environmental surroundings for dangers that cannot be eliminated, but which should be paid for.
a protective driver can get to a destination having experienced the minimum quantity of situations.

Paul Glover, Motoring Writer into the Canberra Times
in addition had written an article entitled….

"No such thing as an accident"

Will there be such a thing as a road accident?
Perhaps not a crash, or a collision, or a direct impact, or a head-on, but a real accident. An incident, possibly fatal, which qualifies as a pure accident.
The sort of occasion in which no-one is actually the culprit, and where fate or chance or whatever could be the only explanation for a crazy out-of-kilter happening….
He continues on to describe the reason why the street protection experts don’t believe so….

I wish the the press and NRMA would end phoning all of them accidents…

.80 regarding dollar, with no one would like to buy them at any cost. Therefore now the us government comes into play and rescue these irresponsible loan providers. Guarantee you that the feds spend 50% more than others is ready to pay money for this financial obligation.

3) it does not solve the source problem.
Are they likely to require supervision of CDS’s? Will we start legislation & oversight of shadow bank system? Or even, this dilemma will only duplicate it self in 5 or 10 or twenty years.

4) we are rushing into a solution
Good solutions are not developed over a week-end or two weeks. Whatever band-aid bail-out they come up with would be laden up with unintended consequences and certainly will induce countless billions in extra spending beyond just what anybody anticipates. It is possible to take that towards the bank.

5) Scare techniques are being utilized by the administration to coerce congress into giving the president massive new powers
I’m sorry, but don’t we just keep that party?

6) when the federal government owns the debt, consumers will soon be significantly less very likely to spend if down.
Think of it– all those issue consumers come from the individuals who overpaid for their homes and borrowed over they are able to ever manage. Therefore the federal government is happening for over annually exactly how we can not kick men and women from "their" homes and on the street. Today, all of a sudden this type of person going to be stiffing the federal government & we will get the houses. Any wagers on whether we ever before evict ANYBODY? This is certainly a giant signal towards the consumers that they’ll END having to pay their mortgages straight away, because federal government is originating to rescue them. The answer is going to be to write from the financial obligation 100per cent and give the homes to the current occupants.

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