The Advanta Platinum Business Cards Simplifying Business

Advanta was established in 1951 and there’s two banking institutions under Advanta particularly Advanta nationwide Bank and Advanta. Advanta is well known the innovative and individualized financial solution it gives to its clients along with the proficiency of the information about the economic business and managerial expertise which it uses to its benefit to cement its connections using its consumers.

Advanta offers two types of Advanta business charge cards and Advanta Platinum Business Card is certainly one these types of card.

Target Clients

Advanta Platinum Card is specifically developed remember the entrepreneurs who want to combine each of their business expenditures onto one charge card account. These people wish to spend every thing about the company through credit cards and also at once need a higher personal line of credit.

Key Features

Advanta Platinum Card doesn’t have annual fee with a preliminary 12 thirty days period 0percent APR i.e. 0per cent rate of interest on purchases and balance transfers. Following the expiry of basic year, the APR for purchases and balance transfers is reasonable. The card is sold with an exceedingly high line of credit of $ 50,000. The look of card is custom made to match the clients business requirements.

Other Benefits

Advanta Platinum company Card is accepted at scores of locations in the world over. A few of the benefits that Advanta Platinum Business cardholder will enjoy are attractive discounts on services from stores and merchants, online usage of username and passwords and solutions including statements and administration reports, personalized checks and billing day. The internet info is compatible with both Quicken and Microsoft Money pc software.

The card provides automobile rental insurance and protection of acquisitions and warranties. Also, the Advanta company card provides automated theft and damage security.

Reward Program

Advanta Platinum Business Card MasterCard holders may take benefit of the incentive programs and earn a point for each dollar buy made with the card. There’s no upper limitation for things that may be gathered in a-year. These things is exchanged for travel incentives or appealing money rebates.

Entrepreneurs whom occasionally carry a balance and intend to use the additional advantages and solutions (especially the retailer and merchant discounts) can benefit many from with the Advanta Platinum Business Card MasterCard. The rate nevertheless is a little higher compared to that charged to a person with good credit, however it is reasonable for people who do not always carry a balance on the account.

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