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A few nice poor credit credit card images I found:

Smart cards used to get UK aid directly into the hands of those who need it most
poor credit credit card
Image by DFID – UK Department for International Development
Smart cards are used to distribute British aid directly into the hands of those struggling in the arid region of northern Kenya.

The regular payments are aimed at the poorest families to increase their ability to cope with droughts, invest in their education and prevent them from falling into destitution.


Former Development Secretary Justine Greening announced new UK aid to treat thousands more children and women who continue to suffer from malnutrition across the region. She also pledged to target aid to help prevent future food disasters in the Horn of Africa.

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Picture: Noor Khamis/Department for International Development

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poor credit credit card
Image by merfam
Once “credit card two” is paid off, add your original debt snowball payment (0), to the minimum payment from “credit card one” () plus the minimum payment form “credit card two” (5) and start paying off “credit card three”

0 + + 5 = 0