Bank of Maldives facilitate your Fithr Zakaaiy become compensated on line.

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Bank of Maldives enable your Fithr Zakaaiy to-be paid online.
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August 2, 2011

Perhaps you have paid your Fithr Zakaaiy? Bank of Maldives gives you the easiest way to pay your fithr zakaaiy, merely push the key above and pay zakaaiy on the web. This solution can be obtained from 2 Ramazan to 25 Ramazan 1432 till 22.30hrs.

Bank of Maldives United States Express® Debit Card

Maldives Web Banking®

Get on Maldives Web Banking LOGIN

Bank of Maldives ensures that your own time will be your very own, along with your money. We managed to get easy for you to manage your bank account whenever time or night.

Maldives Internet Banking brings you the world of financial to your fingertips. It offers the freedom and freedom to bank securely from the comfort of your home or workplace.

We understand the banking demands differ for Individuals and companies therefore our Plans reflect this. It is possible to select from Standard Plan and/or Premium Plan that will be suitable available. Businesses and businesses can make several users with different access levels and restrictions as required.

With all the Standard bundle you can now:

See account balances and deals
See your bank account and bank card reputation for yesteryear one year
View condition of cheques given and ask for for an end payment of a cheque that isn’t yet paid
Transfer resources in the middle of your reports
Make payments to your loan accounts
Make payments towards charge cards
Spend your bills using BillPAY®
Charge your Prepaid Cell Phone
Request a cheque book
Demand your final statement
Send and receive communications from Maldives Web Banking Support
Activate the new bank card and Debit Card
Report your lost or taken Debit Card or charge card
Print a bill of any transaction
See your business advices

Also, Premium Package allows you to:

Make repayments to existing or savings records of other Bank of Maldives consumers
Make repayments to records held at other local financial institutions
Make repayments to records held at overseas banking institutions
Request periodic repayments (Standing Orders)
Upload Payroll file

To register for Maldives online Banking services you need to be a Bank of Maldives client. All you have to do is complete the Maldives online Banking Access Authority Form and send it to your of our limbs or Bank of Maldives Card Centre.

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