Pere Marquette 1223 Locomotive with Coal Tower

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Pere Marquette 1223 Locomotive with Coal Tower
rebuild credit
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Could carry 20 tons of coal and consumes 1 ton of coal per 12 miles. That would be a lot of coal shoveling…lol. Its cylinders have been used to rebuild the 1225, so this is a static display.

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Belgium-6617 – Twilight at the Palace
rebuild credit
Image by archer10 (Dennis) 89M Views
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I asked our driver to let me off here and I waited for the lights to come on.

During the Austrian rule in the 18th century, empress Maria-Theresia preferred not to have the old palace rebuilt because she didn’t want the Austrian governor in Brussels to feel himself like a king. Only four houses where built on the site where the palace now stands.

William I, king of the reunited Netherlands, who decided in 1815 to rebuild these houses to turn them into a royal palace. This was finished in 1829. One year later Belgium became independent and the new king of Belgium, Leopold I, decided to use the new palace as his residence. It was king Leopold II, who had the original building turned into the palace like we now know it today.

The palace was used as the residence of the Belgian King until after the death of Queen Astrid in 1935, when her husband Leopold III, decided to move his residence to the castle of Laken. His successors also resided in Laken. The royal palace in the center is now used as the office of the king and as the residence of the crown prince.
The royal palace houses a museum called Belle-vue with a collection about the Belgian royal dynasty.