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Reverse Mortgage Pros and Cons – Is a Reverse Mortgage Right For You?

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Hi! I’m Deborah Nance and today I’m going to talk about the Pros & Cons of a reverse mortgage.

Which do you want to hear first?……. Okay we’ll go over the cons first… the negatives.

The first negative is the fact that when a persona with a reverse mortgage dies, the heirs will inherit a home with a lien on it. A lien that needs to paid off within 6 months! (Heirs may be able to also get two 90 day extensions to payoff) So, if it is crucially important to you to leave your kids a home that is free and clear. You will want to find another solution besides a reverse mortgage. On the other hand if you feel like you’ve provided for your kids by raising them and teaching them to be independent, honest and hardworking and they do not expect or want you to leave them your home free and clear. Then a reverse mortgage might just work for you.

The second negative is Closing costs! A reverse mortgage has closing costs and they can be more than the closing costs on a traditional mortgage. So… It is very important to compare lenders and get the best rates and fees.

The next negative is that the balance on a reverse mortgage grows over time. You will owe more on the house in 10 years than you do after the first year. The only way to avoid this is to make payments on the reverse mortgage. (yes you can make payments on a reverse if you want to) though most never do.

If you spend all of the money from your reverse mortgage and the balance grows, some day when you are REALLY old, you may become sick and need money. If you have used up all of the funds in your reverse mortgage, what options will you have to get more money? You may be in a position where you have to sell and you won’t recieve as much from the sale of your home had you never done the reverse mortgage.

The pros – The biggest pro of all is the fact that you do not ever have to make mortgage payments on a reverse. You can if you wish, but it is never required. If you used the reverse mortgage to payoff your mortgage, you just increased your cash flow! Just imagine – no more mortgage payments – EVER. This “raise” will free up cash that you can put into savings for future emergencies and may also provide you with additional cash from the reverse mortgage itself in the form of a credit line or monthly payments to you.

The next positive is the Credit Line Growth. A reverse mortgage credit line grows over time! This is a great feature of the reverse mortgage. If you choose the credit line option on a reverse mortgage the lender can not cut off your credit line just because home values fall. In fact the credit line grows over time at a rate equal to the loan rate plus 1.25%. This could be a huge benefit down the road, especially if you refrain from withdrawing funds from the line of credit and just let that credit line grow and grow. Over time you would have access to much more money. If you never have and emergency and do not need to ever take the funds from the line of credit, then you haven’t borrowed those funds and your heirs would have a much lower balance to payoff when they inherit your home.

A reverse mortgage can be a great tool for retirement but it’s not for everyone. If you would like to explore the benefits and possible drawbacks to a reverse mortgage in your life please give me a call or click on the “Request a Reverse Mortgage Analysis” link below and complete the easy form – I will email you a personalized reverse mortgage quote.
The postings and opinions on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the position of my employer.
Deborah Nance, NMLS#202003 Equal Housing Lender

Nice Mortgage Refinance photos

Take a look at these mortgage re-finance pictures:

Personal Money
mortgage refinance
< img alt="home loan re-finance"src=""size="400"/ > Picture by danielfoster437 Personal finance on a laptop computer.

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Home loan kitteh fantasizes concerning mortgages
mortgage refinance
< img alt="home loan refinance"src=""width="400"/ > Image by ghwpix Should we refinance? Allow’s rest on it.

Spinning Wheel – win compact flourescent lightbulbs!
mortgage refinance
< img alt="home loan re-finance"src =""width ="400"/ > Image by justin There were tons of lotto games and spinning wheels as well as win a cost-free home mortgage refinancing price quote type cubicles with lines appearing of them-right here’s one training individuals concerning power effectiveness.

Top Mortgage Loan Rates

Home loan rates today are getting to be the most competitive loan rates in certain financial institution like lender. To discover the best loan that offer cheapest mortgage prices occasionally isn’t that effortless. Because somebody who is intending to get best home loan prices needs to do a little researches as detail as they can. Mostly, their inspiration to locate good offer for mortgage loan rates would be to avoid unneeded costs. If some one must be inside position in which they may not be able to settle their financial obligation, they will get a hold of other option. Among the solutions for this sorts of problem is having a refinance so that they can start to choose reduced mortgage rates.

Refinancing the mortgage to get lower mortgage rates is one of reasonable action however good for some people. Because with lower mortgage loan prices, men and women can help to save some money also investing extra money for own business. In existing financial status in which there are variety of countries in the world has undergo financial crisis and it’s also influencing some organizations as well as men and women overall. This is why there are lots of folks finding their particular monetary condition gets even worse and even worse and attempt to get the most effective option including choosing the best offer for mortgage rates. This financial crisis has actually manage to develop many tension for some those who currently sustain for serious monetary problem like having mounting bills, variety of loans with extremely high prices like mortgage loan prices and car loans interest rates.

Some people learn that home loan with a high mortgage prices could be the heaviest problem which has had becoming guaranteed each month. They should think about refinancing the loan to obtain lower mortgage prices. For that reason many people are trying to find the best option because of this sort of issue. And luckily for us, some financial institutions consider that this problem as a potential marketplace for all of them. More people need lower mortgage loan prices. Its their great opportunity to instantly grab people who have monetary trouble and commence to consider the greatest mortgage prices.

Nowadays, we can find some refinance solution offered by Bank with many of home loan prices option. The provide can be easily found through the internet which can help you choosing the best home loan prices offer. In order to get the best offer to refinancing your mortgage with countless advantage in a choice of period of time or most readily useful home loan rates, someone should make some research and reviews. Because there are financial institutions offers refinancing package with reduced home loan rates but in truth they will not supply the advantage exactly like they promised inside their promo bundle.

When we discovered the very best refinance offer with reduced mortgage loan rates, then we could start sending the program, so the lender can begin processing the demand. It takes couples of days to get the endorsement. A good thing about refinance loan, a person can pick home loan prices also loan period. It means that people aren’t just been able to find the correct answer but in addition gain supplemental income that could be used as a small business investment. Along with reduced home loan rates, it can save you some funds from your own monthly bills.

To learn alot more about home loan rates and debt consolidation loan, kindly visit, in which you will discover these and many other things.

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Should I Refinance my Home Mortgage?

I walk you through the process of determining whether or not you should refinance a mortgage and provide you with an exercise to practice what you’ve learned.

Zillow’s list of closing costs:

Answer Key:

You bought an investment property 5 years ago and it’s time to renew the mortgage, how do you know if you should refinance or renew the mortgage?

For more information:

Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

Should I Refinance My Mortgage? Have you asked the inquiry, “Should I re-finance my home loan?” If so, you are not the only one. In this video clip Don Carriker responds to that very inquiry. He answers the that, just what, when and where inquiries of why an individual should refinance. If you have been hedging of whether to re-finance, view this video clip and also ideally it will certainly help you make a choice. If you prepare to obtain started call your neighborhood mortgage loan provider or see our site above as well as fill up out the Quick Inquiry to obtain started. Prices have actually gone to record lows so there is no much better time than currently.

Where to get refinancing mortgage loans online

mortgage refinance
by ghwpix

Refinancing a mortgage can be a really beneficial way of making the interest rate of that mortgage you has become lower and more manageable. This means that you can actually go about reducing your monthly payments on your existing home mortgage. This, of course is going to mean that you will need to no longer make yet another major financial decision because it’s all about taking out another loan. You are going to also need to study your options carefully and get information on how and why you should be getting a refinance. On top of all of that, you are going to have to know when the right time is for an affordable refinancing mortgage program.

Now, the real reason why you are going to need to get some information on these refinancing mortgage loans is that you should be trying to get the best rates that are possible. With the economy the way that it currently as it is, you are going to need to make certain that you can get a mortgage refinance loan that has a fixed mortgage rate while also looking to the offers that will be able to help you reduce your monthly payments. You can even look into reducing the amount of time that it takes for repaying your refinancing mortgage loan.

You can also go about obtaining a mortgage refinance loan from different types of financial lenders including thrift institutions, commercial banks, mortgage companies, and even credit unions. These types of loans can also be arranged through the use of mortgage brokers. They will be able to help with mediating you and the financial lender instead of dealing with directly lending you finances. One advantage of getting a mortgage refinance loan through a broker is that the broker has access to a wider selection of financial lenders and can arrange for loan products with better terms and conditions.

Usually, you can simply visit a financial adviser who you can trust to help you find the best possible deals as well as interest rates. Just make absolutely certain that they are going to be guiding you correctly and that they will provide you with all of the resources that you are going to need in order to make that decision to enter an affordable refinancing mortgage program on your home mortgage. It is particularly advisable for you to look for a good deal on a home refinance if you are currently having some trouble with meeting your existing mortgage refinance loan payments.

Alicia Pinder specializes in showing homeowners how to avoid costly mortgage mistakes and predatory lenders. For a free copy of “Mortgage Refinance Loan – What You Need to Know,” which teaches strategies to find the best mortgage and save thousands of dollars in the process, visit

Nice Reverse Mortgage photos

Some cool reverse home loan images:

Reverse Home mortgage Cover Web page
reverse mortgage
Photo by
All Reverse Mortgage This is an image of a reverse home loan cover web page. When utilizing this photo please offer photo credit rating (web link) to:

Reverse Home loan Switch
reverse mortgage
< img alt="reverse mortgage"src=""size="400"/ > Photo by All Reverse Home mortgage This is a photo of a reverse mortgage switch. When utilizing this photo please provide photo credit scores(link)to: